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“Espio Ethereal” ~ RhythmAx
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“Espio Ethereal” ~ RhythmAx

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Anonymous sent: You should gain like 100 lbs and get a pot belly >:3

… Why?

(Aaaand my theme is changed. Huzzah.)

aharmonicmelody sent: (Just using quotes he's already said before, or saying things that don't seem like something he'd say. With you it's original but I can still hear it coming out of his mouth o.o.)

(Ah, I can understand that. Well, thanks. :D)

aharmonicmelody sent: (I've seen a total of four or five from various places o.o but they usually seemed kinda stereotypical where you seem realistic while still keeping in character)

(Oh, places other than Tumblr? That might explain why I haven’t seen them. What do you mean by stereotypical exactly?)

aharmonicmelody sent: 10 (Out of all I've seen o.o you're by far the one who does him best)

(Thanks! I think I’ve only seen, like, one other Espio and I don’t think he’s active. o3o Huh.)

solarian-princess sent: ((8))

(Ah, thank you. c: )

Anonymous sent: prolly 9 or 10

(jhgfdsg thanks~.)

On a scale of 1-10 how good am I at playing/rping my character?